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Welcome to Employer’s InfoSource (EIS). Your single source for all employment background screening and credential verification services. Whether your needs are international or domestic criminal record checks, credit reports, employment history verifications, degree verifications, basic background checks or extensive, executive level credential verifications, EIS offers a universe of employment screening resources.

Celebrating 25 years in the employment screening industry, EIS stands ready to extend our experience and expertise to assist you and your team in making the best, most informed hiring decisions. Our clients benefit from our mastery of the industry’s best practices, top tier records sourcing acumen and our attention to details.

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As you tour our informative Web site, you will undoubtedly pick-up on the fact that we are quite attentive to details. After all, it’s the sum of the smaller details that help paint the larger picture most accurately. It’s our mission to draw upon our specialized information resources in order to provide you with quantitative, best practices background screening and reporting services – which among other benefits, will help you keep liars, frauds and dangerous people out of your workforce. If your goal is to engage in protecting your workforce, customers and business assets while making well informed hiring decisions, then Employer’s InfoSource is your logical choice. Our level of industry expertise and customer service is second to none.

Accessing our services is easy and secure and most new accounts can be up and running in 2 business days or less. In addition, our clients enjoy the added convenience of user-friendly online ordering, report delivery and applicant tracking, 24/7/365. There are no term contracts, initial set-up fees and no recurring subscriber fees. The only thing that binds you to our service is your continued satisfaction!

Located within the Silicon Valley area, with a satellite office in Seattle, WA, we hope you will connect with EIS today and begin taking advantage of a higher level of service and performance.