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Are You Putting Your Company at Risk?

Not All Employment Screening Services are Created Equal

Selecting the wrong employment background screening service may have already endangered your employees & customers.

Inexperienced/incompetent entry level people performing inadequate background checks relying on extremely cheap databases searches cannot easily be defended if you get sued for negligent hiring.

Certain mass-volume (data farm) discount screening services are off-shored and performed by less-than-qualified staff using cheap, highly marked-up methodology. (You get what you pay for.)

It is essential that you know exactly the source of your criminal record search information and the methodology used to check records. If you doubt your screening service’s methods or thoroughness, it’s probably time for a change.

Experience maters! You can have entry level workers perform your background screens, or you can count on highly experienced career professionals. You decide.

Cheap, inadequate database checks or best practices in-person / hands-on court record searches and verifications. The choice is yours!

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