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Attention to Detail

It’s in the Details

In the age of skimming, scanning, glancing, abbreviating, forgetting and omitting, it’s good to know that there’s someone out there that will take the time to read, focus, research, cross-check and exercise some professional curiosity – taking a closer look and examining the details.  Indeed, verifying that your job applicants are who they say they are and possess the work experience and professional credentials that they claim and don’t present a foreseeable risk to your employees or customers, is the essence of what we do.

Taking a closer look at the applicant’s history with trained, diligent eyes, combined with access to specialized information resources, will prove priceless when those potential hiring nightmares are avoided before the damage is done. The problem is, not all background screening companies place emphasis in focusing on details.  To some background checkers, attention to the small details are not in the equation.  To others, it’s more about mass volume, quickie automation and their bottom line.  To be best served, you need a dedicated, hands-on service provider that brings effective human acumen and full customer service and best practices to the screening process.  And if you’ve ever had doubts about the performance or product value of your current screening service, it’s probably time for a change.  Give us call today!

In the end, who you hire is your business.  At Employer’s InfoSource, helping you make the best, most informed hiring decisions, is our business.  Our only business!


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