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Best Industry Practices – Always!

In the employment screening business, there is only one (1) best practice.  Unfortunately, even now, there are a plethora of less-than-best practices being employed by various background screening services – large and small.  Among the most common of the less-than-best practices, is the prevalent use of outdated and incomplete commercial databases for primary criminal record sourcing.  These database searches are typically (and incorrectly) referred to as “National Criminal Record Search” or “National Criminal Record Check.”

Proprietary criminal record databases simply stated, are not thorough (or national), complete or updated with any regularity.  In addition, (and perhaps even more disturbing), is that many screening companies using databases as a primary record search source, know that they’re not complete and do not cover all counties/jurisdictions in the U.S., but they continue to promote their use.  Why? Because they’re very quick and cheap and the data can be easily interfaced with their quickie “instant background checks.”  As a result, pertinent criminal record information is either missed entirely, or records are wrongly attributed to a person with the same or very similar name as your candidate.

Other less-than-best practices employed by various screening companies include: outsourcing your background checks offshore to inexpensive and potentially sloppy operations, where U.S. privacy protection laws cannot be enforced and where background checkers are often unqualified to adequately perform the sensitive services at hand.

Having total confidence in the competency, integrity and professional practices of your background service is absolutely essential!   Knowing that best industry practices are being used in the procurement and reporting of your employment background screenings is too important to leave to chance or assumptions.  Remember, total automation is fast, but it can’t think.

Rest assured, Employer’s InfoSource will never deviate from best industry practices and will never compromise the integrity of our work product in the pursuit of profitability.  In this business, “best practices” really does mean, “Smart Business!”


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