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Country Club Membership Background Checks

Along with our industry leading employment screening services, EIS provides country clubs with best practices membership applicant verifications that can include credit reports, criminal record checks, name& address history verification, employment history verification, personal reference interviews and more.  We have been providing prestigious country clubs with custom tailored employment and membership background screeningsand attentive service for over 2 decades.

Whether it’s for purposes of assimilating with wealth or gaining access to members and their vulnerabilities, some people are attracted to the country club environment for questionable or even nefarious reasons. Naturally, protecting your members, your brand’s imageand public reputation is absolutely essential.

Let EIS extend our 25 years of applicant background verification experience to your club’s unique needs. Typical fees range from $29.00 to $59.00 per applicant, depending on scope of services requested. Credit reports $15.00 or less, based on volume. Connect with EIS today for complete details.

Background Solutions: