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Drug Testing

The ugliness of drug abuse crosses all age and socio-economic boundaries. Factoring all job classifications and all age groups, on average, slightly over 8 out of one hundred employees regularly use illicit drugs. The number of employees who have used drugs within the past year is nearly double. The actual numbers and percentages vary from different industries, classifications and ages, but the message is clear. The more employees you have, the more active drug users will be on your payroll. And the financial drain on businesses due to lost productivity, absenteeism and industrial accidents is enormous. The actions of just one employee in a drug-induced altered state can spell curtains for an otherwise healthy enterprise.

Put in broader perspective, approximately 71% of all drug abusers are employed.

Keeping drug abusers off your payroll should be the first course of action, and discovering them before they can further harm your company’s profitability is the second most important step. Because harm they will do. It’s all about your operational efficiency and your bottom line.

In order to facilitate your drug testing requirements, Employer’s InfoSource has partnered with a leading national drug testing laboratory, providing our customers with easy, turn-key testing and reporting procedures.

The process is uncomplicated:

  1. Keep a supply of the testing forms we provide on hand.
  2. Send your applicant(s) to one of the pre-designated collection clinics in your area.
  3. Results of drug screening is reported to you and any positive results is reviewed by a medical review officer with your applicant.
  4. You have the testing results within 2-5 business days.

Your Employer’s InfoSource client services representative can provide all the needed details and help get your company’s program up and running in no time at all. Call 1-800-367-2432.

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