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Employment History Verification

Verification of all verifiable employment listed on job application or Resume, will consist of as much of the following information as may be obtainable: Dates of employment, job title, description of duties, salary, job performance, safety issues, attendance, ability to get along with others, re-hire status, reason for leaving and any additional comments offered by employers.

While it is true that the vast majority of employers typically do not provide comment on many of the aforementioned performance or subjective character related questions, the fact that we are prepared to ask these questions from our questionnaire, demonstrates an active and consistent effort to perform due diligence on your behalf.  (And we still do indeed get subjective comments from employers as to employee performance or lackthereof.)

To make life more interesting for background checkers and more expensive for prospective employers,  an ever-growing number of mid-size to large employers are contracting with  3rd party, fee-based employment verification services that verify a pre-established employment history data-set.  The verification information is typically limited to dates of employment, position held and sometimes salary information.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your outlook), this trend is catching on, with more and more employers charging fees for their employment verifications through various 3rd party services.

Industry Notes: Verifying employment history provides several levels of hiring carefulness, and some benefits of employment  verification are more obvious than others.  For instance, confirming where your applicant has been employed will also help steer the criminal record search to potentially discover workplace related criminal matters.  In addition, the verification process may also uncover significant gaps in employment not previously disclosed by your applicant.  In any case, knowing that your candidates have not simply fabricated their work history and experience, more than pays for itself in peace of mind.

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