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Expanded Executive Screening

 We don’t need to remind you that filling the top-tier, key leadership positions within your organization, is no easy task.  Indeed, on-boarding potentially high-profile executives who will have high-level fiduciary responsibilities including access to proprietary information and company assets can be quite daunting.  Obviously, the expectations bar is raised extremely high and far too much is at stake for missteps to be made.

Because executive background and credential verifications occupies special space in the employment screening universe, Employer’s InfoSource has created a dedicated service to specifically address the unique screening parameters related to executive hiring.  Introducing hire-mark screening.

hire-mark goes well beyond general due diligence background checks.  We presume that the added expense of a comprehensive, broad-reach background search and credential verification is a small price to pay for the level of company protection and peace of mind it provides.

hire-mark goes places that “regular” background screens never get to.  Because in the end, you don’t need unpleasant surprises and a damaged reputation after the contract is inked and the press releases have been sent.  After all, once a hiring debackle occures, there’s no putting the toothpaste back in the tube!

hire-mark From $800.00 (all inclusive domestic*).  International starting at $1,400.00 package includes:

  • Best Practices Expanded Criminal & Civil Court Record Search * [multiple contiguous jurisdictions at the county, state and federal court level – targeting residential and employment sphere history, worldwide.  Official court records are accessed.  Proprietary databases are utilized as a supplemental search only.]
  • All Degrees, Primary Certifications & Professional License Verification* (Transcripts & GPA as Available.)
  • Employment History Verification *
  • 5 Professional Peer Reference Interviews
  • 3-5 Personal Reference Interviews
  • Motor Vehicle Report (DMV Driving History)*
  • Corporate/Foundation/Non-profit Affiliation Search/Verification
  • Social Security Trace/Validation/Name Verification
  • Consumer Credit Report / Tax Lien & Bankruptcy Search
  • Social Organizations or Volunteer Work Verification
  • Social Media and International/Domestic News Media Article Search
  • Other Qualification or Background Concern as Determined by Client

We will work closely with you or your designee to formulate the Executive screening package best suited to your specific needs. Please call for a no obligation consultation.

*Pricing includes all domestic court imposed record search/access fees (except New York City combined criminal courts record search fees), statutory disbursement fees, most state DMV fees, school or employer imposed verification fees and 3rd party record verification service fees.  Starting price does not include additional names such as former names and other names used.

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