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Experience Matters – When it Matters!

There is no substitute for experience.  And it’s our decades of experience that sets Employer’s InfoSource apart from the pack.  Quite frankly, we were providing employment background screening services to multi-billion dollar, household name companies before most of today’s background checkers could tie their shoelaces – seriously!  We cut our teeth on a cadre of diverse, low and high volume accounts that demanded rapid turnaround times without sacrificing thoroughness and accuracy – and naturally, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Indeed, our best practices, hands-on methodology and high-touch customer service, has been the cornerstone of our company’s successful business model and longevity.

experience matters-when it matters

In our 25 years in the employment screening industry, we’ve learned a lot and have experienced just about everything that can occur while verifying someone’s background and professional credentials.

(Oh the stories we could tell!) Completely fraudulent Resumes, identity theft nightmares, phony diplomas, attempts to conceal serious criminal convictions, fugitive arrest warrants, friends posing as former employers and even a couple of rather innovative worker compensation scams.  You name it, we’ve found it.  And were our clients ever thankful! 

It’s gratifying to know that we’ve been able to help our valued service-partners avoid costly hiring mistakes and embarrassing publicity, while hiring the best candidates to fill specific positions.

Our commitment to your screening needs remains the same today as it was 25 years ago.  Perform proper, legally compliant employment background checks as an extension of your team, while keeping your company’s best interests at the forefront of our work.  At a time when the mega screening companies are relying on risky databases, tricky algorithms and outsourcing your work to who knows who overseas, we put our highly experienced eyes on your screenings – and do it right!

It’s easy to put our many years of diligent screening experience on your team.  Connect with EIS today!  We would be honored  to work with you!


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