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Global Reach

It’s a Small World!

These days, we’re as likely to check criminal records or verify a college degree on the other side of the planet, as we are contacting a former employer just across town.

global reach

Employer’s InfoSource can check for or verify criminal records, credit, employment history, education, licensing and more, in over 250 countries and territories.  For criminal record search, we use experienced record search agents on the ground throughout the world, who physically check criminal records at the appropriate courthouse, police stations or other designated official records repository.  Generally, the process proceeds smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Industry Notes: If you will be ordering foreign country criminal record search, allow for slightly more turnaround time just to be on the safe side.  And be aware, each country, province, territory or court jurisdiction may have varying record keeping methodologies, levels of thoroughness and reporting policies.  Some criminal records may be maintained on a local or provincial level, as opposed to a single country-wide record repository.  If you currently use international criminal record search services, your background company should report to you exactly what the limitations, scope and breadth of the specific record search was.  Simply reporting “Clear” doesn’t begin to give you the complete picture.

Your EIS client services representative will be happy to further discuss international records search and credential verifications and answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call or connect here.


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