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Informed Hiring Decisions

Hiring the best, most qualified job candidates means making the best, most informed hiring decisions.  And making informed decisions requires accurate, timely and actionable information.  Unfortunately, taking a Resume at face value or not confirming the candidate’s identity, not adequately checking for criminal history or failing to verify professional credentials, is a recipe for hiring nightmares.


Well-structured interviews, skill and experience assessments combined with accurate and effective background verifications, are the employer’s best defense against costly hiring mistakes – and as we know, some hiring mistakes can be far more costly than others!

Now, more than ever, the task of conducting  proper applicant background and credential verifications is a specialized endeavor, requiring a myriad of information resources and experienced specialists who really know today’s employment screening landscape.  (Certainly not a task for algorithms, cheap databases or beginners.)

Making confident hiring decisions becomes much easier when you have complete confidence in the thoroughness and professionalism of your screening partners — knowing they are performing to the highest industry standards and practices.  At Employer’s InfoSource, we remain fully engaged in our client’s careful hiring process.  After all, we’re helping you put the care in careful!

For 25 years, employers large and small have relied on EIS for the timely and quantitative reports we provide.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have some of the industry’s most experienced background screening professionals on your team.  Join us now and let us help you make the best, most informed hiring decisions!

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