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Online Ordering – Report Delivery – Progress Monitoring 24/7

InfoSource Online gives you the speed and convenience of the Internet for background check ordering, progress tracking, report delivery and monitor accrued charges, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our online solution is easy, dynamic, safe and secure and we can accommodate a combination of ordering and delivery options:

  • Order online/receive reports online
  • Order online/receive results via e-mail
  • Order online/receive results via Fax
  • Fax service orders/receive reports online at your convenience

If you would prefer, we can complete the entire process via Fax.

Online customers are provided a secure user ID and password.  In addition, the system supports various account access authorizations, allowing some users basic single user access, while giving other authorized users such as department heads, access to over-all account activity with account management capabilities.  Accounts can be segmented and identified by location code, branch, facility or department designations.

In addition, several system customization options are readily available.  For example, all or just certain designated completed reports can be made available only to predesignated individuals.  Also, various applicant self-entry and electronic forms/disclosure options are available.

Our online system is easy to use and requires minimal user training.  As always, all client training and support is provided free of charge.  And unlike most other service providers, Employer’s InfoSource does not charge an initial set-up or recurring subscriber fee for online access.

Background Solutions: