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Personal Reference Interviews

Personal references are close friends who know the candidate well.  Interviews focus on the reference’s personal knowledge of the candidate’s personal characteristics such as honesty, personal integrity, reliability and general demeanor.  Other questions seek to gain insight into temperment issues or propensities for violence.  Our personal reference questionnaire consists of 12 questions.

Industry Notes: The responses to these reference interviews result in subjective personal opinions that may be positive or negative in nature.  The effort to contact references and ask specific, relevant questions in a consistent manner, demonstrates additional pre-employment diligence and can result in additional insight into your applicant’s suitability for the position under consideration.  Background checks that report interviews which solicit personal, subjective opinions about job applicants, are defined as “Investigative Consumer Reports” under the FCRA, and require specific statutory disclosure language in the consent form.  Our consent forms contain this disclosure language.

Background Solutions: