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Since 1990, Employer’s InfoSource (EIS) has served employers with real, “eyes-on / hands-on” employment background checks, performed by highly experienced professionals.  Our “secret sauce” as it were, is the melding of state-of-the-art processing efficiencies with traditional, old school experience and high-touch customer service and support.

We are an honest, professional service partner and will always be straight-forward with our customers.  This means that we go the extra mile for you and will never rely on risky shortcuts – so commonly used by mass-volume, data-farm screening companies.   And to make your user experience even less complicated, our reports are presented in a clear and concise semi-narrative format, which takes the guess work out of the equation.

However, if ever you have  any questions regarding any aspect of our reports or procedures,  we are always available to discuss in detail, the nature and scope of our services or provide further clarification of the information we report.  Oh, and we answer the phone too!


Background Solutions: