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Privacy Policy

Employer’s InfoSource is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) owned and operated by Employer’s Infosource, LLC.  As a national service provider specializing in employment background screening and credential verifications, we provide Consumer Reports to employers pursuant to provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 15 USC § 1681 et seq. and applicable state law(s).  To this end, we obtain and provide sensitive, personal and uniquely identifiable information about individuals.

Information Collection & Your Privacy

Employer’s InfoSource will never obtain or use your personal information unless you have signed a consent / authorization disclosure form – specifically authorizing our client to order a “Consumer Report” about you.  This request, consent and authorization will also authorize Employer’s InfoSource and our contractors acting on our behalf, as well as various records custodians, to research and verify the information you have provided on your application for employment , Resume’, membership application or other credential indicia.  Our research and verification processes may verify information or it may determine that information is not verifiable.  We may also discover and report additional related information that is pertinent to our client’s information interests.

This information may include, but is not limited to: current and former names, other name(s) used or are also known by names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, state driver license numbers, birth dates, residential address information, consumer credit bureau files, employment history, academic records, professional licensure status and history and criminal or civil court record information.

Our employment background screening services are only available to established business entities, governmental agencies, recognized community or religious organizations that wish to verify information provided by prospective employees, current employees or applicants for membership – as may be applicable to their particular business needs.  We provide our services only to business / corporate entities (i.e. employers) that order consumer reports for employment purposes.  We do not make our services available to private individuals or for personal purposes.

Service requests are received directly from our established clients (and on occasion directly from job applicants) via secure Internet interface, telephone, facsimile or US mail.  The personal information we receive from our clients has typically been obtained directly from employment applicants or membership candidates, as a result the applicant submitting an application for employment or membership.  In addition, no requests for consumer information received by Employer’s InfoSource will be acted upon unless the request is either 1. accompanied by a proper and legally compliant information release, disclosure and consent form signed by the subject of the information (applicant) or 2., we receive certification from the requestor/end user of information (our client), that the proper consent, disclosure and release form(s) has been signed and are on file at the client’s location.

The information that we report to our clients is intended only for the sole use of authorized personnel within our client’s (end user) organization and is to be procured, utilized and maintained for a purpose and in a manner that is in compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable state consumer reporting laws and regulations.

Under no circumstances will any personal information under our control be sold, transferred, shared, given away or disseminated to any party, person or entity for any purpose that is not directly, lawfully and necessarily connected with the immediate request and permissible purpose of producing consumer reports on behalf of our requesting client’s for employment / membership background screening purposes.

In other words, we will never transfer or sell your personal information (or information about you), to mailing list providers, marketers or for any other extraneous purpose.

Information Security

Employer’s InfoSource is committed to safeguarding your personal information.  Although we cannot insure or guarantee the security of information, we have implemented both information technology security measures and operational procedures designed to protect personal information from unauthorized access.  Our online information systems are enhanced with some of the highest levels of security technologies available.

In addition, we require that our clients certify in writing, that they will restrict access to consumer report information to personnel with a specific business requirement to access the information and that they will employ procedures and policies adequate to safeguard personal / consumer report information furnished by Employer’s InfoSource.

Personal Information outside the United States

Occasionally, as needed to complete specific components of employment background verifications, personal information may be sent outside the United States.  When this occurs, the transfer of personal information will be limited to the minimal information necessary to perform the required research, and will be transmitted and maintained in a manner consistent with the terms of this privacy policy.

It’s Your Decision

If you do not want Employer’s InfoSource to provide a “Consumer Report” about you to a prospective employer or association, do not sign the Request, Authorization and Consent for Background Information disclosure form.

Under provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are required to retain consumer report information for a minimum of 6 years.  If you give your consent to a prospective employer or association or Employer’s InfoSouce to obtain a consumer report about you, the information we report will be retained by Employer’s Infosource for a minimum of 6 years.

Access to Information

All consumers have the right to inspect any information about them that has been compiled by a Consumer Reporting Agency and to object to any data pursuant to the Fair Credit reporting Act and applicable state law(s). (Please see “Summary of Consumer Rights” prepared by the Federal Trade Commission.)

You may access your “consumer file” in person, by certified mail or through a telephone conversation. To inspect your file, proper identification will be required and you may make arrangements to inspect your file during regular business hours. You may also bring one person with you should you elect to inspect your file in person.

In addition, Employer’s InfoSource is staffed with people who can help explain or clarify information contained in a report we have provided. To make arrangements to inspect your “consumer file” or request a copy of your consumer report or to receive an explanation or clarification of any information contained in a report we have issued, please contact:

Employer’s InfoSource
Consumer Relations
PO Box 939, Vacaville, CA 95696

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