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Professional Reference Interviews

Typically, professional references are people who have worked directly with or have supervised your candidate and should have personal knowledge of the candidate’s general character and professional abilities.  We will contact candidate furnished professional (peer) references and interview them with respect to their personal knowledge of the candidate’s professional qualifications, general demeanor and pertinent professional competency areas such as: decision making ability, problem solving ability, managerial, interpersonal and communicative skills.  We also incorporate questions pertaining to honesty, trustworthiness and any concerns relating to temperament, safety, sobriety and violence.

Before completing the interview, we give each reference an opportunity to provide any additional information regarding the candidate that could be of interest to a prospective employer.  We will also use client provided questions or questionnaires upon prearrangement. Our professional reference questionnaire consists of 19 questions and is available to our clients for review or modification as desired.

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